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Fun Whatever the Weather

Sailing is undoubtedly exciting and invigorating in strong winds, and we’ve loads of photos of boats screaming across the water.  But what better way to spend a summer evening in light winds.  Pleasant, calm and relaxing if you just wish to cruise round the lake, and still competitive and tactical if you’re racing. 
And there’s still plenty of time left to get involved in the club and make the most of this summer.  We welcome new members and all interested are very welcome to pay us a visit and see what we have to offer.  The club is open on Wednesday evenings from about 18:00 to about 21:00, and on both Saturday and Sunday from about 09:00 to about 16:30.  
If we’re out on the water, just introduce yourself at the galley, and it shouldn’t be long before there’s someone to chat to. 

Malcolm Stone

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