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Covid-19 update 17/07/20

Apologies for the length of this update but there are quite a few changes as a result of recent announcements by the government and associated guidance from the RYA.

Safety boat policy and operating procedures

To support organised activities during Covid-19 the Executive Committee and Covid-19 team have discussed and agreed some amendments to the SCSC Powered Vessel Policy and Operating procedures.

Full details are published on the club website in the 'members/club documents' folder:-

In summary, where it is not possible to provide a fully crewed Safety Boat, a powered vessel may be launched with a single crew member but will not operate as a Safety Boat.

In an emergency situation where a boat or its crew requires assistance a 2nd person will temporarily join the crew of the powered vessel.  

Members are reminded that a fully operational safety boat is unlikely to available so they should ensure that they can be self sufficient in the prevailing weather conditions before launching their boat. The normal procedure for indicating if a Safety Boat is in operation will be used;  Red/Yellow traingle pennant will be displayed from the Race Hut if a Safety Boat is in operation.

Double Handed Boats

The RYA have recently provided some clear guidance on sailing 2 handed boats during the Covid-19  pandemic.

Is it appropriate for people from different households to sail together in the same dinghy, keelboat or yacht?

The Government is trusting people to continue to act responsibly and follow the guidance on what they should and should not do. Therefore, participants will have to make their own decisions on whether they can sail their dinghy, keelboat or yacht whilst maintaining adequate social distancing. From the 4th July social distancing remains at 2 metres unless you use mitigating measures which will allow a reduction to 1 metre plus. On a boat, these mitigations could include (in addition to being outdoors) 1m separation marks on the deck, wearing face coverings, avoiding face to face contact, cleaning procedures, no shouting etc. The risk should be assessed case by case and with the correct mitigation in place, it may now be possible for up to 6 people from different households to sail certain boats.

It is the responsibility of the members concerned to ensure they adhere to social distancing measures when sailing together. Clubs should encourage safe sailing, but are not responsible for enforcing social distancing measures between members on the water sailing together in the same boat. (Updated 15th July). 

The last sentence is very important and we (SCSC) are adopting exactly this approach from the 18th July 2002. Our Covid-19 Roadmap and Risk Assessment have been updated accordingly. However we ask that you consider how your actions may be viewed by other members or members of the local community.

Full details of the RYA guidance can be found on the RYA website:-

The SCSC Covid-19 Roadmap and Risk Assessment are published on the club website in the 'members/club documents' folder:-


Clubhouse, Changing Rooms, Toilets, Bar, and Galley

There is little change to the current risk assessment for these items:-

  • Bar - Remains closed
  • Galley - Remains Closed
  • Toilets - Open for essential use, one person at a time.
  • Changing Rooms - Closed
  • Clubhouse - The Clubhouse remains closed except as follows:-  Race Officers and Powered Vessel crew may access the clubhouse via the Coot Room door to access keys, engine covers, and race management equipment.  Only one person at a time to enter the clubhouse for these purposes, social distancing and hygiene procedures to be adhered to.

Road Map and Risk Assesment 

Our Covid-19 roadmap has been updated to reflect latest guidelines and we are now in Phase 3; SCSC restart racing and organised event but within any restrictions.

Our Covid-19 risk assessment has been updated to reflect lastest guidleines. Key updates are:-

  • Amendments to powered vessel policy and operating procedures
  • There is no longer a restriction on the number of boats on the water.  It has been confirmed that the term 'Gathering' does not apply to boats on the water. HOWEVER, members are reminded that all Social Distancing restrictions do still apply and all members are requested to adhere to current Social Distancing guidelines 
  • Organised racing is permitted. The sailing committee are currently working on the required procedures to restart some form of organised club racing.
  • Access to the clubhouse is amended to allow access for keys. engine covers, and race management equipment
  • Social distancing on the water is now the responsibility of members NOT the club. However we ask that you consider how your actions may be viewed by other members or members of the local community.

The SCSC Covid-19 Roadmap and Risk Assessment are published on the club website in the 'members/club documents' folder:-

We thank you for your continued support, understanding, and patience during these unprecedented times.  If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of the SCSC Covid-19 team;  Vernon Perkins, Richard Leftley, Terry Alliston, Paul Kimmens.

Paul Kimmens

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