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Our Fleets

Our fleets

We have a mixture of well established fleets plus the emerging range of boats with kites in our Asymmetric fleet.


Cadets (8-17) and Youth (15-21)



Flying Fifteens





General Handicap


Our class captains are always willing to talk about their boats so if you are interested in a particular class or want advice on boat purchase, please feel free to contact them (details in each of the specific fleet sections).

We run free training courses for our boat classes throughout the year and would encourage sailors of all abilities to attend as they are very informal and are based around the requirements of the sailors that attend. If you are thinking of getting into racing then they are an ideal way of meeting the rest of your class and getting plenty of advice.

Although we allow a wide range of boats on our water we do limit them to a specific PN range. The fastest boat we allow is the RS 400 (950) and the slowest is the Cadet (1432). We also don't allow boats with racks (moulded wings are OK) and, with the single exception of the Flying Fifteens, we don't take keel boats.

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