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Windsurfing for all

Although in the minority, windsurfers are welcome as full members of the Club and can enjoy one of the largest lakes with the cleanest wind in the Cotswold Water Park.    Windsurfing currently has no representative on the Sailing Committee and seeks a volunteer.   They can use the lake and changing rooms all year round and securely store boards, masts, booms and sails (unrigged) for a nominal fee.   The small beach to the south of the Clubhouse is reserved for windsurfers; in view of the 2 hard groynes recently installed to prevent bank erosion, it may, in the short term, be advisable to launch/land from the main beach.  

The Club asks that all windsurfers follow the Six Common Senses of Inland Windsurfing:

  • Sail with a colleague if possible and know your self-rescue procedures.
  • Maintain your equipment regularly and always sail within your capacity.
  • Make yourself aware of areas of shallow water and weed.
  • Inexperienced windsurfers and persons aged 18 and under must use a buoyancy aid. The use of buoyancy aids by competent, experienced windsurfers over the age of 18 is a matter of personal choice.
  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • Consider other water users especially those involved in racing.

The club has a weed control programme which is envied by other sailing clubs in that it works!   There are no other restrictions and the whole of the lake is available.   If in doubt about anything, ask someone, particularly a fellow windsurfer who possibly won't know the answer but probably knows someone who does.

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