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The Asymmetric class is one of the most recent to be introduced at South Cerney. Unlike some of the more traditional classes in the fleet – the asymmetric class is growing quickly. This is the result of the introduction of a new breed of rotor moulded boats from RS, Laser and Topper. Asymmetric sailing is fun and exciting in a moderate breeze, perhaps not ideal for the fainthearted, but for those looking for an adrenaline rush the gennaker provides that aplenty in a breeze.

At present this class has large numbers of new members in addition to a core of seasoned members. We have good numbers of the RS 200 and RS Vareo, and with some RS 400s and Topper Xenons, which regularly obtain lead positions in club racing.

How do I know if I have an Asymmetric?

Asymmetric boats have a fixed pole, which extends from the front of the boat when the Gennaker (big baggy sail at the front) is hoisted. This is not to be confused with Symmetrical or Spinnaker boats that have a pole which has to be attached manually and moves in line with the main sail. Basically the Asymmetrical boat usually sails downwind in a zig zag course whereas our cousins the Flying Fifteens (Spinnaker boats) etc. can run dead downwind.

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