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Boat hire

Boat hire

The following boats are available for hire by members:

2-handed boats

Single handed boats

There is a wide range of club boats available for hire by members for a min imal cost, or in the case of the 420s and the Toppers at no cost. The outline of the process for hiring a boat is as follows:

  • Members will be required to attend an induction session for the class of boat that they wish to hire. These sessions take place on a Saturday morning during the 'Super Saturdays'. This also applies to the club 420s and the Toppers, which are free to club members. There is no cost to members for inductions carries out during a 'Super Saturday' session. 
  • Once complete, you will be granted access on the website to buy hire tickets and make reservations for this class of boat.  These options are available on the specific boat class page.
  • Reservations can be made for Saturday or Sunday morning (10am - 1:30 pm) or afternoon (2:00pm - 5:00pm) or Wednesday evening (18:30 - 20:30).  Each of these time slots will be require a single ticket.
  • You must be a current club member and hold at least a RYA Level 2 certificate, or have relevant previous sailing experience. Your ability will be assessed during the induction, and the instructor will confirm this on a written form that is kept in the office. 
  • The International 420s and Toppers are free to use by suitably experienced members of the club. However these also require an induction for the specific boat class. 
  • If you have completed an induction for one class of boat and you would then like to sail another class of boat, then you will be required to complete a further induction in that class of boat. This is to ensure that you konw how to rig the boat correctly, and to ensure that the boat is not damaged through lack of knowledge about the boat.
  • When taking out any club boat you should complete the boat hire register which is kept in the clubhouse, befor going on the water.
  • Any damage must be reported to the club bosun via the website, by using the comments associated with the boat being hired.
  • Club boats must only be taken out on the water when there is a safety boat providing safety cover on the lake. If the safety boat flag on the race hut is not raised then this indicates that there is no safety cover being provided

As a first step, you should attend a 'Super Saturday' morning session for an induction, and request the induction via the 'Super Saturday' forum on the web site, go to Members/Forum/General/Super Satuday.

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